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What Happens If You Don’t Fix Your Transmission?

The transmission system is one of the important ones to keep the car driving smoothly on the road.

Problems can arise due to many causes, such as lack of maintenance, rough driving, unchanged transmission fluid for a long time, to name a few. Below are some warning signs you should be careful of.

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5 Signs You Need A Transmission Repair

Here are some indicators that hint towards a problem in your car’s transmission:

1. Difficulty in engaging gears

You may find your car unable to move even after you put it in gear.

2. A problem in shifting

You may feel some resistance when the gears need to be shifted in a manual transmission, or delayed shifting in the case of an automatic.

3. Light on your dashboard

A check engine light (CEL) might show up in your cluster. Even though it’s easy to ignore, it’s beneficial to get it checked by a mechanic.

4. Sounds and shaking

If you feel some shaking when switching gears, or an unpleasant grinding sound, it’s most likely the transmission.

5. The smell of burning

A burning smell from your vehicle could indicate a transmission overheat or an issue with the transmission fluid.

Putting off a transmission repair may be unwise. In case the damage gets worse, it can affect other systems of the car, increasing the repair costs. Apart from that, if your transmission completely fails in the middle of the road, it can compromise your safety.

If you're experiencing any troubles with your transmission, don’t hesitate to consult with our service experts at Transmission Xpress. Call (206) 906-9385 for a free consultation or book your consultation call below:

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