What Our Customers Say

"They saved us money and the truck is working great"

My dad's transmission in his truck went out and I found these guys online. I called for a quote and the manager Perry was very thorough on his explanation of what might have happened to the truck. I called a few other places to compare quotes and they were all at least $500 or more. They didn't' really give a good explanation or cause for concern of the vehicle. The majority of them just wanted to give us a price and that was it. My dad doesn't speak very good English and he is very CAUTIOUS on who he deals with in fear of being taken advantage because of his english. So we stopped by and went to meet and talk to Perry. He was a very nice guy and my dad felt a good vibe from him. My dad let them fix his transmission and timing belt. They saved us money and the truck is working great. I would definitely recommend this place or even calling to speak with them before you make a decision.

By Mark A. on August 13, 2014

"Great place!!!"

Great place!!!! They did an amazingly quick job on my transmission. I had spent over $1000 dollars at Sound Ford in Renton and ended up with a worse situation then I started with. I saw their ad online and because my budget was low I decided to give it a go. They rebuilt my tranny and gave me a warranty. The job was done a day earlier then quoted. My only complaint was it didn't look like they used paper car mats on my floor. But all in all my car runs smoothly, it was fast and WAY cheaper than anywhere else. THANKS GUYS!!! I would us this shop again in the future if I have any problems with other cars.

By Heather L. on May 29, 2014

"I would highly recommend this place"

I've had my car for a week now and it's been working great. The manager asked me if I would write a good review if I was satisfied with the work. I would highly recommend this place. They not only fixed my transmission for almost half the cost of what another shop quoted me. They did a thorough check of my whole car and found that I also needed a new timing belt. They gave me a package deal since I was fixing my transmission. They fixed my timing belt for only $150! I will be letting them do all my future repairs.

By Shannon R on Jun 1, 2014

"Give them a shot!"

My transmission in my 2005 Nissan Maxima started acting up. I brought it the Nissan dealership to diagnose my vehicle and they told me my transmission was bad and that I need to replace it. They wanted $3700 dollars. I'm a single mother and work full time. I can't afford to pay that. I found these guys and had a very long conversation with the manager Perry. He told me that most dealerships charge so much hoping that customers will decline the repairs and trade in their vehicles for a new one. He was exactly right. The service guy at the dealership tried to send me to one of their salesman. After he told me that, I give Perry a call I saw some reviews that weren't so great and I asked him about it and he told me that they were from a previous manager. I took his word for it and let him tow my car to Tramission Northwest. He found the problem in my valve body and told me that I didn't need to replace my whole transmission. He fixed my existing valve body and my car is back to normal. It still cost me $940 but that is a whole lot less than what the dealership almost tricked me into paying. Give them a shot! PS I hope you guys enjoyed the pizza.

By Heather L. on May 29, 2014

"I’m glad I called around and found you guys!"

Thank you for rebuilding my old BMW’s transmission. Every other shop wanted to charge me the price of a 2005 transmission. I’m glad I called around and found you guys!

By Martin L on Jun 30, 2014