Testimonials About Our Transmission Repair Service

What Our Customers Say

"I’d recommend them to any and everyone!!"

There are a lot of shops out there but there aren't a lot of quality shops out there. Transmission Xpress is the definition of quality. From their detailed transmission work to their CONSTANT updates and customer service, I'll NEVER need to go anywhere else. I held off on this review for a month or so to make sure that everything was as awesome as originally thought, but here it is 2 months later and my truck is still going strong!! I appreciate the care and effort put into keeping me informed throughout the whole process. I was never blown off or made to feel like I was bothering them whenever I wanted an update. They're a real good batch of dudes in this shop. I'd recommend them to any and everyone!!

Rob H., Renton, WA

"I cannot praise these guys enough for a job well done."

Transmission Xpress saved my recently purchased used RAV4, whose transmission was going out after three months of being its new owner. The Toyota dealership said it would be $4500 to fix, which had the potential to not even fix the symptoms, and other companies quoted me at similar prices. I was at my wits end when I came to Transmission Xpress, where I was told that they would actually attempt to diagnose the issue, and start with replacing the computer first rather than the whole transmission, as well as would give me a deal if we ended up having to replace the transmission as well. Long story short, my $4500 problem became a problem fixed with $500 computer replacement at Transmission Xpress, and 1 year later, my car is still running great. If I had went with the other guys and spent the money to have the whole transmission replaced, I would have run into the same problem again by now, and be out over $4000. I cannot praise these guys enough for a job well done. These guys are trustworthy and fiscally responsible, which is not always easy to find in this industry. Thank you!

J.O., Puyallup, WA

"I would highly recommend this place"

I've had my car for a week now and it's been working great. The manager asked me if I would write a good review if I was satisfied with the work. I would highly recommend this place. They not only fixed my transmission for almost half the cost of what another shop quoted me. They did a thorough check of my whole car and found that I also needed a new timing belt. They gave me a package deal since I was fixing my transmission. They fixed my timing belt for only $150! I will be letting them do all my future repairs.

Katie M., Lacey, WA